The Dirty Dozen Flaws of Mirza Qadiani

The Dirty Dozen Flaws of Mirza Qadiani

Beitragvon SHARUKH » 3. Mär 2012, 18:36

Here is a very recent video that details some major flaws with Mirza Ghulam Qadiani's claim to prophethood. It's not specifically aimed at Ahmadis, more for Muslims so they can effectively give dawah to Ahmadis. However, I would also urge my Ahmadi readers to not miss out and view the video with an open mind.

Have a watch:
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Here's a summary of the major points in the video

1. His name was unlike that of any Prophet.
2. No Prophet had a teacher.
3. No Prophet wrote a book.
4. The books of the Prophets had single names.
5. No Prophet was a poet.
6. Prophets were sent to the language of their people.
7. Prophets were from the offspring of Ibrahim [as].
8. No Prophet inherited anything.
9. No Prophet had a discharge.
10. Prophets were buried in the place they died.
11. All Prophets received revelation through Gibreel.
12. All the Prophets performed hajj.

I would implore all Ahmadis to try to refute these 12 points. I'm not going to entertain topic diversion from now on. Any irrelevant discussion will not be allowed. If you want to debate and discuss other topics then please now use the forums from now on. You can find the forums here.

So go on Ahmadis defend your prophet, refute the points made by Sheik Mumtaz Ul Haq. Do your duty with the 'jihad of the pen'!
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